WIP Board Members

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    Co-President: Olivia Hsin, '02

    I am excited to be serving in my second year as co-president, and third year on the board. I am a transplant from Massachusetts who is happy to be enjoying the amazing weather, food, and performing arts scene of Los Angeles. In my professional life, I am a licensed clinical psychologist that specializes in the assessment and treatment of children with co-occurring medical, psychological, and developmental disorders. My research focuses on factors that impact health disparities and optimal outcomes of underserved youth with medical and developmental disorders. My most significant accomplishment in 2018 so far has been getting through each day of this pregnancy, which feels like a feat!

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    Co-President: Juanita Gutierrez, '92

    This is my first term as co-president, and I am excited to be part of the Wellesley-in-Pasadena community!  I am a Corporate Communications executive with 10 + years of experience working with international companies both in New York and California. I am passionate about storytelling and helping brands engage with their key audiences.

    I live in Altadena, CA with my husband and two daughters.  In my free time, I enjoy running, reading a good book, and discovering new restaurants.  

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    Treasurer: Erica White, '08

    I am so thrilled to be serving as your treasurer this year after previously serving as the young alum representative.  I work as an investment counselor in Pasadena, but I live in Claremont!  I know how much of a hassle that drive is, so I am hoping to help create pop-up events this year that happen outside of the normal Pasadena/Altadena range.  If you're an alum in the Inland Empire, be sure to send me an email and say hello so that we can get together! 

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    Communications Chair: Rebecca Weitzel, '17

    I was that really awkward but smart kid in middle school who was seen as cool by the teachers, but very uncool by my peers.  So obviously, the best solution was to return to middle school after college for take two, but this time as an educator!  I work with first-generation college aspirants from low-income backgrounds and Title I schools in the SFV.  Thankfully, they're all super nerdy too, so my knowledge of webcomics and excessive use of memes and gifs makes me ~ "young and hip and with it" ~.

    When I'm not geeking out with my students, I'm often geeking out by myself, either by curling up with a non-fiction read or watching old BBC mysteries with Bluewise Gamgee, my family's retriever.

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    Alumnae Admission Representative (AAR): Laura Moser, '85

    I currently work as a behavioral health clinician, although I've had several career changes that were tied together by common interests and skills. I lacked family guidance with career decisions, so found my path with other resources. At Wellesley I spent a semester sailing and learning marine science as a SEA (Sea Education Association) student with 33 shipmates, a transformative and authentic journey. I became involved in the Wellesley alumnae admissions process when I volunteered to represent Wellesley at a college fair.  I was so inspired by the interaction between alumnae and potential Wellesley applicants that I decided to play a more active role in the process.  When I'm not working or volunteering with Wellesley, I can be found hiking and camping, since I have a love for wildlife conservation.

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    Annual Dinner Chair: Judy Lee, '87

    After serving two terms as co-president, I am looking forward to shifting my focus from the club overall to one of my favorite events, the Annual Dinner.  I so love getting together with fellow Wellesley alums, and its events like the Annual Dinner that truly show how welcoming and wonderful this community is.  

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    Faculty Speaker Chair: Jane Feinberg, '87

    After hosting last year's wonderful annual dinner, I am thrilled to be serving now as the faculty speaker chair.  One of my biggest accomplishments this year has been launching the online store for the Fall Collection of Jane Israel Designs, chic and modern clothes for badass professional women.  Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but I've loved being on this journey and celebrating my progress with the Wellesley-in-Pasadena community.  When I'm not talking about my Instagram page with Rebecca or hosting large-scale events for the club, I can be found spending time with my two wonderful children, participating in NCL Jr.'s San Marino Chapter, or putting my feet up and relaxing with a glass of wine!

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    Day to Make a Difference Chair: Val Wong, '01

    This is my second year as the Day to Make a Difference (D2MAD) Chair.  After Wellesley, I got my PhD in Plant and Microbial Biology from U.C. Berkeley.  I now spend my days teaching at Cal State Los Angeles.  When I'm not endlessly grading exams, I enjoy spending time with my partner in the kitchen as we try out new recipes.