Admitted Students Event

  • img_5202Sunday, March 31, 2019 @ 3-5pm

    Please join us in welcoming the newly admitted students for the class of 2023!  This event will be held at the home of Anne Kennedy, '66.  This event is a great opportunity to talk about your experience at Wellesley and answer the questions of students and their families as they try to make their college decision post-admission. 

  • If you have warm accessories (e.g. hats, mittens, scarves) that you are looking to donate, please bring them with you!  We will have a "free bin," where admits can pick out a goodie to take back with them for Spring Open Campus.  Even though our weather in SoCal has been unusally damp and chilly, it still is nothing compared to Boston, and so your donation would be greatly appreciated!