Admissions Volunteers Needed!

Do you need a reason to feel optimistic? If so, sign up to interview prospective Wellesley students for Admissions!

The young women I’ve met doing admissions interviews are passionate, smart, and engaged with the world. One student I interviewed found out about Wellesley through her research on global epidemics, during which she discovered Kwan Kew Lai’s ’74 story. The student educated me about this amazing alumna, and the difference Wellesley made in her life, which then inspired me to attend Kwan Kew’s talk and book signing in LA. I didn’t expect to learn from and be inspired by a prospective student, but I’m so grateful for it.  If Wellesley applicants are any indication, there’s no shortage of passion and intelligence in this next generation.

And, besides meeting these wonderful high schoolers, I’ll be honest: It’s a chance to humble-brag a little about the Wellesley network, and live for a moment in my good memories about college. Not a bad way to give back a little.

Questions about the commitment involved? Wellesley Admissions trained me, and there is an easy online system for entering notes.  You can interview via Skype, or in person at a public location like a library or coffee shop. The admissions office doesn’t ask for long document, just a summary. You can sign up to do as many or as few interviews as you like.

So if you need a little dose of joy, and you’re ready to give back to Wellesley,  your faithful Pasadena alumnae admissions representatives (AARs) are here to help with logistics. You can just sign up directly on the Alumnae portal at, or email one of us with questions: Laura Moser or Catherine Wood